Monday, November 18, 2013

World War 2 Memorials tour in Second Life!

I made a tour in second life of memorials that were made in the world. first thing I did was create a note card that explains what the place is and what to do there during the tour. So Here is what I wrote in my note card: 
World War 2 Memorial Tour for Fall 2013 Eitf2013 made by Rob Nelson for Dr. Z's instructional Technology course. 

Follow the tour as listed below and at each location feel free to walk around and explore other options that I do not mention in my tour. At all of the places there are many options that I did not explore in full and so I leave it open to explore for yourself. 

Introduction: This tour is being designed for you all to get a look at the who, what and when of World War 2. These locations give you insights on all sides of the war and some specific to countries. They all talk about certain events that transpired during World War 2 and show how we as humans around the world commemorate what has happened during those events in time. We need to record tragedies such as these so that we will never repeat them in the future. Enjoy the tour and explore on your own to get the best experience. 

Location 1:
This location is the start of the tour because I wanted you all to get an understanding of who all was apart of WW2 and this lets you explore that factor through wearing uniforms and reading about biographies on all sides of the war. When you walk into the building you will find to your right pieces of uniforms and images of soldiers in the war. Keep going through and explore the down stairs and upstairs to get an idea of what countries were involved in the war and why. 

Location 2:
This is a scale model of an aircraft carrier that was used by the Japanese in World war 2. Move around the ship and get a glimpse at how big the ships are and also there is an airline shop where you can buy Japanese fighter/bombers  from the word war 2 era. As you are walking around the ship check out the many features around the ship to get the full experience. Don't forget to go in to the museum and check out the features in there as well.

Location 3
This location is a memorial where you can learn more about some victims of the holocaust and light a candle to commemorate what those people went through during this horrific time period in history. If you don't know what a Synagogue is this is a representation of one on second life. A synagogue is holy ground and a safe place to pray in the Jewish faith. If you have not yet go ahead and light a candle to commemorate those lost.. 

Location 4:
This location is a memorial of the Kristallnacht (night of broken glass) event. This news room gives you audio and video of events that happened during the night of broken glass. Jewish families and people who experienced this horrific event talk about whet happen to them and this location was made to record these events and testimonies so something like this never happens again. Explore the many stories and features to get a picture of what happened during the night of broken glass. Click on everything glowing to get the full experience. 

Conclusion: I hope that these locations help you understand the who, what and when of World War 2 and how we commemorate those events so that we do not repeat them in the future.

This is my tour and to get to the places in Second life copy and paste the SLurl's into the search bar at the top of the screen. 

Hope this will be fun to go out and explore! 

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