Thursday, November 7, 2013

Second Life experience!

Second life is a virtual world in which the users have free reign over an infinite amount of space. This virtual world is free for its users unless you end up getting sucked into paying for stuff in the virtual world. My experience has been very basic. I made an avatar and explored around some places like the UNI made "Iowa" landmark. It was really cool but the world was very glitchy and very hard to stay engaged. I am a very big console gamer and it was tough for me to get over how glitchy the world in second life was. I understand why it is because it is free and so many people objects make up the virtual world. As far as the usability for classes and an effective place to share ideas and explore a world that the user can create. I would say there are other programs or software that are easier to use that a teacher could incorporate into there class or course. Second life is cool and all but it needs a lot of work to become the virtual world students need in schools.

Questions I would like to ask my viewer:

1. Do you have a different view of second life and its usability in a classroom setting?

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  1. Interesting perspective, Nelson. The real treasure of Second Life is the plethora of international connections that you can make. Your points are well made and something for me to consider when I deal with virtual worlds in the future. Thanks. Z