Sunday, November 17, 2013

Orientation and Appearance experience on Second Life.

Second life is fun but my computer can't handle the graphics in the virtual world so every thing I see is pink as you can see in the image to the left. I went through the orientation at the lion heart orientation center and it was hard to look at the directions on the wall because some of the wall postings showed up but most of them were just a blank pink wall. One plus is that I can see my avatar and I can change my appearance. I got a picture of my avatar in mid change because my computer is so slow. So the picture to your right is suppose to be just a jet plane not half a person and half a jet plan. So Second life for me has been fun but not as visually appealing as I would want and what is required for the world. When I was done changing my avatar from a plane and many of the other options given I changed it back to my human. I was really cool to see all of the different ways you can show your self in second life. I think I would enjoy this experience more if I could play on a different computer then my own.
Questions for viewers:

Does anyone else have troubles seeing only pink every where like I do?

And if yes have you found a way to fix the problem that does not involve going out a buying a graphics card?

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