Monday, November 18, 2013

Games in Second Iife Tour!

I did the general games tour made by Jeremy Braver found in Dr. Z's home. This experience would have been better for me if two things happened. One I had another person with me to play some of the games I found and if my computer would load the world so that I could see everything. But I managed to still find cool things with out seeing everything. Here is the list of places I visited.

1. Malrif- frootcake diner serve cakes and the game there was a spiteful game for 3-5 players and I could not play it.
2.  Malrif- Strategic one on one fencing arena and it was pretty cool when I tried to face someone who was there and they destroyed me. But I got a fencing sword for my efforts and that was enough for me.
3. Patagonia - Ravenglass membership and a great view of bay and linden bridge and also I visited the danger zone but I had no one to play the game with so I could not play.
4. Keundott- held the celestial game tower west wing and I could not find anything special in this place because it would not let me into the main structure.
5. Arcade 1980's retro gaming fun and this place I have a photo of which is shown on the right. That is what my computer sees in second life and so this was the only photo I took on my tour because all others were even worse.

Why does my computer only see pink?

How do I fix this?

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