Friday, November 8, 2013

Collaborative Gaming!

I have played a lot of video games on online collaboratively using xbox live and just normal MMORPG style games on a computer. But never thought about playing a one player game like kingdom rush and then texting through facebook and calling it collaborative gaming. Through this experience I realized how beneficial talking to someone during a one player tower defense game was. My partner was Emma George and we both vented our anger to each other about the game and asked each other strategies that each of us used to beat a level. I moved through the game a lot quicker then Emma did and so it was tough for her to not get frustrated when I was blowing through levels that she had troubles with. It was also good that through that experience Emma realized it was ok for her to move slower than me through this game. I have been playing tower defense and many other video games fro a long time and this was one of her first real gaming experiences. So it was a learning experience for both us to realize that there will be other people out there that learn and move at a different pace then we do and we need to make sure that our students in the future realize this as well so that they do not get discouraged when they are stuck somewhere in there school work. In my gaming career I have failed more times then I have succeeded and this is very true in kingdom rush. Failure to me in tower defense games and really anything that I can get feed back quick and then try again scenarios will help me win or succeed at a faster rate. Emma and I had planned to play for only about an hour and half but we played for almost 3 hours in one go. We made a great team and we both got farther in the game from each others help.

Questions for my readers
1. Have you lost more times then you have won in a video game?
2. How does that make you feel about the game? Was it to hard?

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