Monday, November 18, 2013

World War 2 Memorials tour in Second Life!

I made a tour in second life of memorials that were made in the world. first thing I did was create a note card that explains what the place is and what to do there during the tour. So Here is what I wrote in my note card: 
World War 2 Memorial Tour for Fall 2013 Eitf2013 made by Rob Nelson for Dr. Z's instructional Technology course. 

Follow the tour as listed below and at each location feel free to walk around and explore other options that I do not mention in my tour. At all of the places there are many options that I did not explore in full and so I leave it open to explore for yourself. 

Introduction: This tour is being designed for you all to get a look at the who, what and when of World War 2. These locations give you insights on all sides of the war and some specific to countries. They all talk about certain events that transpired during World War 2 and show how we as humans around the world commemorate what has happened during those events in time. We need to record tragedies such as these so that we will never repeat them in the future. Enjoy the tour and explore on your own to get the best experience. 

Location 1:
This location is the start of the tour because I wanted you all to get an understanding of who all was apart of WW2 and this lets you explore that factor through wearing uniforms and reading about biographies on all sides of the war. When you walk into the building you will find to your right pieces of uniforms and images of soldiers in the war. Keep going through and explore the down stairs and upstairs to get an idea of what countries were involved in the war and why. 

Location 2:
This is a scale model of an aircraft carrier that was used by the Japanese in World war 2. Move around the ship and get a glimpse at how big the ships are and also there is an airline shop where you can buy Japanese fighter/bombers  from the word war 2 era. As you are walking around the ship check out the many features around the ship to get the full experience. Don't forget to go in to the museum and check out the features in there as well.

Location 3
This location is a memorial where you can learn more about some victims of the holocaust and light a candle to commemorate what those people went through during this horrific time period in history. If you don't know what a Synagogue is this is a representation of one on second life. A synagogue is holy ground and a safe place to pray in the Jewish faith. If you have not yet go ahead and light a candle to commemorate those lost.. 

Location 4:
This location is a memorial of the Kristallnacht (night of broken glass) event. This news room gives you audio and video of events that happened during the night of broken glass. Jewish families and people who experienced this horrific event talk about whet happen to them and this location was made to record these events and testimonies so something like this never happens again. Explore the many stories and features to get a picture of what happened during the night of broken glass. Click on everything glowing to get the full experience. 

Conclusion: I hope that these locations help you understand the who, what and when of World War 2 and how we commemorate those events so that we do not repeat them in the future.

This is my tour and to get to the places in Second life copy and paste the SLurl's into the search bar at the top of the screen. 

Hope this will be fun to go out and explore! 

Games in Second Iife Tour!

I did the general games tour made by Jeremy Braver found in Dr. Z's home. This experience would have been better for me if two things happened. One I had another person with me to play some of the games I found and if my computer would load the world so that I could see everything. But I managed to still find cool things with out seeing everything. Here is the list of places I visited.

1. Malrif- frootcake diner serve cakes and the game there was a spiteful game for 3-5 players and I could not play it.
2.  Malrif- Strategic one on one fencing arena and it was pretty cool when I tried to face someone who was there and they destroyed me. But I got a fencing sword for my efforts and that was enough for me.
3. Patagonia - Ravenglass membership and a great view of bay and linden bridge and also I visited the danger zone but I had no one to play the game with so I could not play.
4. Keundott- held the celestial game tower west wing and I could not find anything special in this place because it would not let me into the main structure.
5. Arcade 1980's retro gaming fun and this place I have a photo of which is shown on the right. That is what my computer sees in second life and so this was the only photo I took on my tour because all others were even worse.

Why does my computer only see pink?

How do I fix this?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Orientation and Appearance experience on Second Life.

Second life is fun but my computer can't handle the graphics in the virtual world so every thing I see is pink as you can see in the image to the left. I went through the orientation at the lion heart orientation center and it was hard to look at the directions on the wall because some of the wall postings showed up but most of them were just a blank pink wall. One plus is that I can see my avatar and I can change my appearance. I got a picture of my avatar in mid change because my computer is so slow. So the picture to your right is suppose to be just a jet plane not half a person and half a jet plan. So Second life for me has been fun but not as visually appealing as I would want and what is required for the world. When I was done changing my avatar from a plane and many of the other options given I changed it back to my human. I was really cool to see all of the different ways you can show your self in second life. I think I would enjoy this experience more if I could play on a different computer then my own.
Questions for viewers:

Does anyone else have troubles seeing only pink every where like I do?

And if yes have you found a way to fix the problem that does not involve going out a buying a graphics card?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Collaborative Gaming!

I have played a lot of video games on online collaboratively using xbox live and just normal MMORPG style games on a computer. But never thought about playing a one player game like kingdom rush and then texting through facebook and calling it collaborative gaming. Through this experience I realized how beneficial talking to someone during a one player tower defense game was. My partner was Emma George and we both vented our anger to each other about the game and asked each other strategies that each of us used to beat a level. I moved through the game a lot quicker then Emma did and so it was tough for her to not get frustrated when I was blowing through levels that she had troubles with. It was also good that through that experience Emma realized it was ok for her to move slower than me through this game. I have been playing tower defense and many other video games fro a long time and this was one of her first real gaming experiences. So it was a learning experience for both us to realize that there will be other people out there that learn and move at a different pace then we do and we need to make sure that our students in the future realize this as well so that they do not get discouraged when they are stuck somewhere in there school work. In my gaming career I have failed more times then I have succeeded and this is very true in kingdom rush. Failure to me in tower defense games and really anything that I can get feed back quick and then try again scenarios will help me win or succeed at a faster rate. Emma and I had planned to play for only about an hour and half but we played for almost 3 hours in one go. We made a great team and we both got farther in the game from each others help.

Questions for my readers
1. Have you lost more times then you have won in a video game?
2. How does that make you feel about the game? Was it to hard?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Second Life experience!

Second life is a virtual world in which the users have free reign over an infinite amount of space. This virtual world is free for its users unless you end up getting sucked into paying for stuff in the virtual world. My experience has been very basic. I made an avatar and explored around some places like the UNI made "Iowa" landmark. It was really cool but the world was very glitchy and very hard to stay engaged. I am a very big console gamer and it was tough for me to get over how glitchy the world in second life was. I understand why it is because it is free and so many people objects make up the virtual world. As far as the usability for classes and an effective place to share ideas and explore a world that the user can create. I would say there are other programs or software that are easier to use that a teacher could incorporate into there class or course. Second life is cool and all but it needs a lot of work to become the virtual world students need in schools.

Questions I would like to ask my viewer:

1. Do you have a different view of second life and its usability in a classroom setting?