Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kingdom Crush Experience!!

The game Kingdom crush is a tower defense game and that means the player (you) set up defenses to stop the enemy from taking you over or killing the player. I love this style of gaming so through my experience I was in the flow state. The flow state refers to a sate of mind in which a person is totally absorbed and time seems to fly. This feeling happens when a person is fully engaged or motivated in doing an activity. So while I was playing kingdom crush it felt like maybe 15 minutes went by when an hour or more is realistically what happened. This is the focus or motivation that I would want my students to have in my classroom. Where they don't even realize they are doing homework they want to do the work and level up! Kingdom crush is a great game for those of you who have not tried it. go check it out and get stuck in the flow state of mind like me and many others have playing this game.

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