Monday, September 30, 2013


I attended the tweet chat session at #edtechchat and the topic of this chat session is integration of technology in the classroom. People all over the world post into this chat sharing there ideas and methods of integrating technology into the classroom. I experienced a lot of information coming all at once and it was different but i caught on to a information hub called Digital Learning Day. This website talks about an organization called project 24. I learned about this hub that has lesson plans and topics all over the curriculum and examples of how technology is used in the classroom. I will want to use tweet chat to learn new information about educational technology. I used to think Tweet deck and twitter were a phase in the social networking world, now I think tweet deck is awesome and twitter is here to stay.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

What is purposeful Technology?

PictureThis question has been asked to technology teachers by parents, students, and administrations, well I found a website that gives a clear answer to that question. This website discusses digital literacy and shows what technology can do for students in the classroom.  This image to the left is how digital literacy can be integrated into the curriculum throughout the disciplines. The website also lays out Digital-Age Literacies. This is what kinds of things are integrated into the curriculum.

Click here to view the website

Free Technology for Classroom Teachers!!

This subject is something I am very passionate about because in the future I want to use apps, blogs, websites, wikis and anything that will get my students active and engaged in learning. I found a site that has resources for free technology that can be used in the classroom. This blog is written by Richard Brynes and is a great resources for us teachers out there looking for free ways to integrate technology in to the classroom. He has resources for ipad apps, android apps, websites, blogs. Also he has links that go out and teach those teachers or students how to use the apps and why use it in the classroom. If you want to check out the site click above on Richard Brynes name and it will take you to his blog. This blog is great and I can't wait to keep reading about new apps, websites, blogs and many other uses for technology in the classroom.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Technology Resources for English Language Learners

This website is a resource I found while searching for a project in my management course here at the University of Northern Iowa. I was in charge of presenting chapter 5 out of the book Elementary Classroom Management . The chapter is about Knowing your students special needs and one of the sub parts of the chapter talks about ELL students or English Language Learners and through my research I found a resource page that has many great free and not so free programs and websites it help those students out at home and in the classroom. For the resource page please click here 

One of my favorite resources is This site is for Pre-K -2nd grades and click on the link to see what its all about. This site has games set up to help the students memorize and practice there ABC's and reading.

The site is free so check it out and see what I'm talking about.

While you are looking at these resources please post back ones you liked or didn't like and also if you know of any other technology based programs or websites please post and we can build a resource together.