Sunday, April 29, 2012

Visual Symbols in My Life

Visuals are everything that I look at during the day and how I perceive what that image, object or visual means. I learned form taking this course that there are so many different ways to perceive the visuals in our world and as long as I can see half of them then I will have learned double or triple the amount of information that I would have got from that image,object or visual before I took this class. This class as taught me to see all of the different things that an image can tell you. I have learned more then I need to about the different meanings of visuals. I love to see the different meanings of images and videos. I enjoy knowing more information about the world around me and visuals is everywhere in this day of age.
An example is the different ways that people see the word "Peace":

These are the different things people can see:

1. The overlying Symbol

2. The symbol of the Peace Corp.

3. A soldier in the army

4. A peace Rally

These are all an image that could be seen by others about the same word. This class has taught me that a word can be worth a thousand images and I had a lot of fun learning about the different ways that, that statement can be seen throughout the world.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Final PBL Experience

                                                                                   Click on Jing to view

  Click here to view My teams Google document describing our lesson and the components we used to make our problem based learning lesson. the jing video is the video I created for the group to show our students how to make a Gloster account and some of the basic functions of Glogster. Making this lesson was fun because our team tied what we have been doing all year in our class into one Project Based Learning experience and it felt great to take everything we learned and create a lesson of what we have learned. and teach a new concept to our students. My group really got along at the end of our computer applications class because of how much we worked together on all of the projects in the class and I think we did a great job with our project. This was a lot of fun and i'm glad we got the experience teaching Problem Based Learning lessons.

Podcast experience


Click here to view

  I enjoyed doing this podcast because it was not just for an assignment but it was for a larger purpose. We contacted Angela Maiers who is a spokes person for "You Matter" an organization that she created to help students realize that they matter. Angela Maiers video gave our group the inspiration for this project. Click here to view her Ted Des Moines, this video is so good and she is such a great person. So view our podcast and Angela's video and you can see why we chose this project topic. Also I had a lot of fun making this podcast with my group members they are fun to work with and we had a great time making this project worth it. We each did our part and worked together if any of us had problems on something. 

Collaborative Research project!

This above is the Google Document that Team working on it made and click on the link and it should take you to the document to get more information on what we did.

My reflection of what we did:

It was great to get such an outgoing group but that made this project a little more difficult because we wanted to talk face to face but we could not and that was not our groups strong point. I helped to create and fix up details of each of the parts besides the Jing presentation. I learned a lot by looking over details and getting to know the software that we used, this was the first time I have seen the layout for the google presenter and I was glade that it is very similar to office, because I am familiar with that software. W all worked together very well and I was glad to have made this project with “Team Working on it”.
I learned that communicating digitally is very difficult when that is the only way that you can communicate. I think that portion of the project was difficult but I learned new ways to communicate and it kept me more on my toes about what I had to say. I learned new ways to use the google apps system and I enjoyed the survey maker and how to make a spread sheet of the information. I enjoyed the experience of communicating solely through digital means.
I will use google docs in the classroom, because of how good of a resource it is and will be to my students. I can communicate and connect with people around the world by using the Internet. I will have the skills to setup a meeting with a school in another country, because now I am more aware of the different ways to communicate online. I can see my self in the near future using these applications to not only use for my tech classes but use with all of my classes to “wow” my instructors.  

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Introduction Presentation Experience

·         Me and my partner Jenna were trying to present ourselves and a few events that have made us who we are today. Also through the way we made the video tells a little about ourselves. We made the video using puppets and we glued our own faces on the puppets to be a little funny but also introduce ourselves. We were discussing who we were, where we live, and a fun adventure that we have been on throughout our lives.
·         We made a video using It was hard to get all of what we wanted because of the limited media room that let us use. We had more information that we wanted to cover in out intro but we could not fit all of the files on to
·         We used to create the movie and then presented it using I choose youtube because wevideo is linked to youtube and it was the easiest way to present the video.
So What: 
·         I feel that we displayed a video that showed who we were and also presented the audience with entertainment at the same time. We used the right language to convey our message in a fun and interesting way. I would give us a 9 out of 10, because we used as much media as wevideo would allow.
·         I believe the audience liked our video because they knew how much time that we had to prepare for it and they were in the same boat so I believe everybody had a good time watching each other’s story. I know I enjoyed other people’s videos or introductions.
·         I could hear Dr. Zeitz in the back laughing while the movie was going on so I believed he enjoyed parts that were funny. Also the class was paying attention while the video was going on and they were not looking around the room or not paying attention. A class mate said good job to both of us when we left the room that day so we know that one of our classmates liked our video.
Now What: 
·         I would include the information that we left out about our, families, hobbies, allergies and information about my eyes. I believe talking about my eyes gives an idea about how my life has been sense I was in third grade. The story is long but you will get to know who I am after you hear the story. I would like to share the story sometime if you want to hear it.
·         I think that we could have done more effects and made the effects more interesting to the audience but we were low on time and I’m still not an expert in using the information. But other than that I think that mine and Jenna’s idea for using puppets was great and I enjoyed making the video with her.
·         If we used more effects and different transitions I believe we could have made our lives seem more interesting than just us talking over a repeated background song. If I were to have talked about my eyes then it could have made others feel sorry for me and I was not looking for that kind of an introduction. I was looking for an interesting way to discuss who we were and where we are from along with a couple of fun facts about ourselves and I think we did a great job.
·         The best way to present yourself is to be you and let the audience know your interests, characteristics, skills, and feelings. We could have done a better job but I believe that we did well for only having two days to prepare for our introduction.  

Poster For Veterans


1. I learned how to use as a tool to make a poster to help promote the Veteran Justice outreach.

2. My project is a poster to help promote American Veterans and to help these veterans through the website above in my poster. I enjoyed doing this project because I have a couple of my friends in the military right now and I would want people to help them out if they were in trouble. 

3. This poster will promote the website and the organization that is meant to help veterans with mental problems after war. 

To go to the website click here

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gaming and Stereotyping

I noticed while I was watching some of my favorite shows like south park and while I was searching the internet for games and information about games, how America and the media portray gamers and different races within games. All gamers that are portrayed are fat acne faced males who only play video games. They don't show many gamers as being sexy girls, or athletic individuals.
It is no longer just males who play video games as thought in the past. Females make up 42 percent of the gaming community and more women play video games then boys do, meaning that girls over the age of 18 play then boys under the age of 18. I found out all of these facts after listening to the gaming presentation that Aric and Min did in class. Thanks guys for getting me interested and getting me to look this up.

Another thing in gaming I noticed was the different races in video games and how they are portrayed. Like blacks as mostly being labeled as thugs, criminals, pimps, drug dealer, gun wielder, and athletes. 
As for whites they are the hero in almost every game. Each race has its stereotypes and within video games those stereotypes are shown again and again. Blacks being portrayed like that is not what we should be teaching the gamers who are playing these games. There are games that have very realistic race portrayal but that is a minority in the masses. 

Here is a video that is kind of outrageous, discussing racism in video games. This video has some strong words because of how passionate this person is about the subject but I think that it has a very good point. 

Watch only if your over 18 years of age. click here

Google SketchUp Project

I did my sketchup with Chase,Nora, and Jessica. The picture of our playground is at chase's blog so just click on chases name and the beginning and that will take you to his blog. I enjoyed this program it was a little frustrating to get things perfect on the model. Because the model is completely 3D so when we tried to put a fence in it didn't line up the right way so it was difficult for us to fix the problem. I can see my self using this program in my classroom if my students need to build a model of a building or a structure of some sort.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wasteland- review

        I feel the messages the director is trying to express is the power of art and beauty of a the human race. I feel that they wanted to express the power of art and beauty of anything around the world. vik Muniz wanted to use garbage which is one of the last things any body thinks is beautiful or art in that matter. Vik then used the people that pick garbage for a living and those who need help in this world the opportunity to make art and make this using garbage and an image of themselves. This movie or better described as a documentary shows the lives of a wealthy artist and then the lives of garbage pickers in Jardim Gramacho so they show situational lives around the world. I think the two directors wanted to show the power of the arts and they both found an artist that was an oddball in the arts world but makes fantastic work with different materials. Vik changed the lives of the pickers in Jardim and this story was a fantastic one. I recommend you watch waste land if you have not already. No race or culture should be offended because this is a story of humans helping humans no matter where you are from. This movie added awareness of so much trash in the world and the power that one painting or even just one recycled material can help people who need it and how much one person can influence the lives of so many. The director used music and the art that was made from the artist vik muniz. I was interested and attentive throughout the film because I was learning so much about a different culture and seeing the beauty of Viks paintings. I also liked that each garbage picture had its own picker within the art and that made the art have meaning to those who see it. Each picture has a past, present, and future because it represents a real person. I will say once again I recommend that you watch this film I enjoyed learning about a new artist and a new culture.