Friday, March 23, 2012

Crash movie review

Crash is a movie about LA citizens of different race leading different lives and it ends up that each of there lives collide in this very good movie. I think the director was wanting to show how hard it can be to live as any race and how much pain that all races go through. All of the races are present in this film but also all of the races intertwine  in a story that is how some people live in America. All of the people in the movie are hard working people but because of racial stereotypes one race will not trust another, or help another because they feel like the other race will hurt them in some way. For example In the movie A women and her husband get carjacked and when they get home and a Mexican man is fixing there locks, the woman who just got carjacked claims that the Mexican will give the extra keys to gang members so that they can come and steal everything from there house. The Mexican man has done nothing to wrong this women but she assumes that he will because of his appearance. This movie was an eye opener for me because I believe in some cities that this is still happening. I think that this movie has an accurate portrayal of the races because stereotypes would not be true unless it has happened and been seen true. I'm not saying that all black people either steal cars or are movie producers but I think that the reactions that each race has with each others can be seen all over America. The way that people act in this movie can be seen during this time because this movie was based after the trade centers were hit. I think that a lot of Americans have hatred even still today for the Arab people. Even today in LA and big cities there is disputes over territory and racial arguments and distrust. I doubt the directors ethnicity played role in this production because I think that he portrayed good and bad people in races to show how either side can be influenced to act the opposite behavior whether they are good or bad. I think that all races can appreciate the value and knowledge that watching this movie can give people who might not see this kind of stuff everyday. I mean I have never seen first hand discrimination besides on tv. I have never seen someone be put down so much that they are kicked out of a store or anywhere. This movie showed the stereotypes of races all together and how these stereotypes effect everyone and not just one race. this movie gave insight on the world around us and we need to take a the lessons from it. The lesson is, be respectful and make sure that you think about the people around  you and not just about yourself and your problems. Everyone has problems and if everyone can just realize this then maybe we will be closer to excepting each other. The director used music to portray each race and what there stereotypical music would be. Such as when the black kid was singing country he was saying racial slurs in the lyrics and said now he understands country. All country does not portray racism of course and I think that some people believe the same way that the black kid in the movie believes. I thought that this movie was great and it was suspenseful and it kept me on my toes. I was into the movie throughout the entire movie.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lincoln Elementary school?

Lincoln Elementary school is in Cedar Falls, IA and this school was very amazing. This school uses technology throughout its curriculum. One of the most interesting things I saw was the first class we walked into was a student lead project and these students were first graders? I didn't really understand the why the students were leading the discussion because I feel that they wouldn't get everything that needs to be done  get done. When I asked the teacher she said "that she is very surprised at how much they get done" and she informed me that the students like to tell each other if the problem is wrong or not. Also she checks the answers each day of the week and if the kids had troubles then they will go over the problem either later that day or the next day. The other thing that I thought was really cool was the project that the 5th graders were doing upstairs. The 5th graders were building a 7 ft tall structure build to with stand wind or a big fans winds. The teacher told us that he was giving them an impossible task (in there minds) and letting them see that they can do anything if they set there mind to it. The greatest thing that I saw was the community that the teachers and the staff had with one another. I loved the atmosphere and the way that the library teacher could give a tour into other teachers classrooms and they not care at all. This school was amazing and I hope that I can end up in a community based school program like this school.

If you would like to see more then check out the schools website or blog:

Lincoln Elementary School

Monday, March 19, 2012

Thank You for Smoking- Review

I believe that the director of this movie was telling the life of a man (Nick Naylor), who is the spokesperson for the Academy of Tobacco Studies. Nick lives a life where he never lies and he is always right. He can always be right because his job is to prove the other person wrong and he is very good at it. This movie was written to show the comedic and sick relationships and pleasure that some of the big companies like tobacco, gun safety, and the alcohol moderation council were assumed to have. I think that the author wanted to share a little comedy on to the subject that these industries live through each day. I mean i'm sure that there is not three people from each of these companies that get together and brag about how much or how many people there organization kills. Nick Naylor was told on a live show that he was going to pay for how many people that have suffered because of what he does (This could happen). Nick thinking that nothing was going to happen gets kidnapped and has nicotine patches put all over his body and when he wakes up in the hospital the doctor tells him that cigarettes had saved his life. Because Nick had been smoking for so many years the over dose from the nicotine patches was not enough to kill him because he had smoked cigarettes. Naturally he used this finding to tell people that cigarettes had saved his life. I thought that this was a great movie and I loved the laughs that I got during it because of the weird situations that Nick and his son got into.
       I don't think that the directors ethical, or cultural background played a big role. I do think that his professional background plays a bit of a role because most of his movies deals with a problem that was going on in the years that he wrote them. such as in this film the big thing going on was do we ban smoking in public places or not. So he created a movie about the same kind of problem but it was a problem of the past. The past problem was do we need to put more of a label on the cigarette packs to express how dangerous they can be.  Also in 2007 he created Juno which is a movie about a girl who gets pregnant in high school. During this time there was a big increase in high school and teen pregnancies, so he created a heart filling story of everything going wrong but everything ends up great at the end. He is a great director and I enjoy the films that I have seen because he shows the comedic side and tries to say that life is not bad all the time and when people see that then the better off there life will be.
      I would say that smokers might be offended and also the people who work in the jobs that the director is shining the light on in the film. I would think that these people do not want everyone to think that because they work in that field, that they act the same way as the characters do in the film. I would not want anyone to think that I sit around and brag about how many people the product that i'm selling kills per day or year. I think that his movie added a different aspect in what I thought that cigarette businesses want and how they advertise. By this I mean in the movie Nick Naylor tries to get actors to start smoking on screen again so that the people who are watching these films will say "he looked really good smoking that cigarette I should get some so I can look like that." I noticed that Nick went straight to social media on the TV to advertise the cigarettes because even though the actor never says "hey go out and buy cigarettes", the viewers can see him smoking and then, they too will be like if my favorite actor is smoking then I will smoke too. It brought to attention the little things like that in movies and media in general that catch peoples attention with out them even knowing that they are being manipulated into thinking that they want cigarettes or any product. The director used comedy in this film as a way to keep the viewer involved and to get across his points. There was a lot of things going on throughout the film that kept you focused on the screen and also the many different music styles and the pictures of old magazines running across the title pages and the end credits. Most of the pictures were of cigarette advertisements and then the growing popularity of the cigarettes and then the health issues came across and then the movie started. Overall I'm glad that I watched this movie because it was interesting and funny.