Thursday, January 19, 2012

visual symbols and how they effect my life


I use symbols like the three above everyday in my life. Most people use these symbols in there life without realizing that they even use them. We just see signals and just do the action without really thinking about it, we just do it. my life as much more symbols these three I use a lot in my life. The stop sign because I drive around a lot with my friends. The recycling sign because my dad and I save all of the cans and bottles and anything plastic and we take it to the recycling center and use the money to eat more. which comes to the next symbol, I choose this because I eat a lot of food.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Expectations for Classroom Apps

My expectations are very simple, I want to learn more about technology and how to incorporate my new knowledge in helping my students and myself to understand the information that I need to teach them. I hope that this class will help in teaching me to use new and interesting applications. Also I hope to gain relationships within the class and get to know everyone in the education technology minor. Other then this simple expectation I hope to have fun and by the way the class looks so far we will all have a lot of fun.