Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The World is Flat

        I just watched a video for Dr. Z about how the world is flat by Tom Friedman who is a writer for the New York Times. Tom is known for writing about the world around him and what he experiences. He is a very good author and his book is what I want to talk about and it is called "The World is Flat". In this book he talks about the beginning of America when Columbus founded America, he went back home and told everyone that he figured out the world is round. Over 5 hundred years later Tom found himself saying to his wife and other people that he has figured out that the world is flat. This concept to me was hard to understand at first but the more he talked about the reason why he thought that the world was becoming flat was just brilliant. I wanted to share the video with my visual literacy classmates in case you have not seen this speech about his book. He does a good job of expressing his points and makes the video entertaining and insightful. I learned a lot from this video and I never thought of the world in this way.
     The video below is Tom Friedman discussing his book at Yale and I think that this is a brilliant concept and I learned a lot from watching a video that was pretty much the same as this video. So check it out!

Monday, February 27, 2012

American History X- Review
      The movie American History X in my view was a very good movie.  I believe that the director was trying to show that hatred can not be solved with more hatred. I mean the whole movie you are seeing the life of a Neo-Nazi. that has an extreme hatred for everyone that has made the streets in his neighborhood unsafe. The character Derek says that his hatred started when his father was shot by an African American. He then began to hate every one that was of a different color that came into his neighborhood. Derek then was consumed by hate and when two black guys came to his house and broke into his car and was about to break into his house, he shot them both and then curb stomped one of them. He went to jail and learned of his wrong thoughts and when he got out he tried to get out of his old gang of skinheads and realized it was going to to be hard to get out of his old life.
     The depictions of minorities in this film are situational, because this film shows minorities that are poor and have low income. This movie shows a lot of blacks that are in gangs and some real gangs don't act the way that the gangs in this movie do, but the stereotype of gangs is portrayed in this movie. I believe that the director wanted to portray that hatred can be overcome.
   I think that the director of the film tried hard to portray the roles in this film as best he could. I think that he portrayed black gangs vs. skinheads very well and I can see this movie being based off a true story. Other then him being influenced by what he read about Neo- Nazi's and gangs in L.A. I think all races and cultures and genders can appreciate this film for what the story tells. I think that some cultures will think that this story is very violent and should not be shown in schools but I think it is a very good representation of gang wars in America. This movie let me see a different life that I will never experience and see the horror of gangs and of how much hatred influences ones life. The director used a character, Derek's Younger brother Danny as a narrator letting the viewer see the story from a character that the viewer knows to keep us interested in the movie. Also showing Danny side lets us see what his brother did from a perspective that is not Derek's. Also showing Derek's time in jail when Derek was telling the story was really good for the plot to know what happened to Derek while he was in jail. Jail changed Derek and it was nice to see what changed him.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Project based learning is the 21st century way of learning. This means that the students are provided an overlying  questions that they have to answer by doing a project or some activity. Here are some videos that can show you what PBL is all about:
project based learning explained
project based learning

If you want to watch more examples then just view some of the other videos that show up after either one of the videos above.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Helvetica- movie Review

           I think in this movie the director is trying to share with the word the importance of the font Helvetica and to show how reliant the design industry is on using this font. The font is used everywhere and to be honest I did not know the name of this font until the movie was introduced to me. Once I say the font I could remember all of the street signs and really any industry that I can think of uses the Helvetica font. I believe that ethics, cultural, and professional background played a big role because the director was around when the big sweep of the Helveitca font was being used and so he portrayed is feelings and his views of what happened when the font got to be so popular. the culture in this movie is in Europe because most of the speakers that the director showed us where from somewhere in Europe but the pictures where both in Europe and the U.S. I was interesting to see the relationship of what happens in Europe and the U.S.
           I don't feel that anybody can be offended by this movie because it is about a font. I could maybe see other designers not liking the context in which the director portrays Helvetica. After a set of people or designers talked there was a short picture gallery expressing what the designers where talking about. That gave me a visual representation of what I was being told and I enjoyed seeing somethings that I have seen before and how it relates to this font and its history. I believe that the director focused on the ideas and visual that were being displayed by many different designers and there perceptions of Helvetica. He used album art, billboards, air plane signs, buses etc...  He used the designers as the people to tell the story as it was being viewed at the time that the font was getting to be popular. I enjoyed watching this movie, but it could have had more interesting parts but overall it was cool to learn about a lot of different styles of fonts and how important  Helvetica is to fonts. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Killing us Softly Over View


               I agree with the statements that Jane makes about  women being objectified in today's society because it is everywhere. To be "beautiful in today's world according to the media you have to be thin and have big boobs. "normal" and also very good looking women in my eyes are not always that body type of thin and big boobs. I think the twin themes are linked still because in today's world there are very few women who fall into the perfect height and weight, either they are too fat or too skinny but i'm not sure what she was saying about men not having to worry about this as much, because men are judged by women all the time. If you ask any women what her dream guy would be like? she will most likely say a tall and strong man with a 6-8 pack stomach. Not that many guys fall under that umbrella either, and those who don't have that body type are considered ugly. I believe to some women this is the biggest concern to them but there are women out there who don't care what others think about them and they just live there life the way they want. Its funny to me because when a young girl is portrayed as being older and sexier they put her in a nice dress or a skinny dress and once they are old enough to become that sophisticated women they try to make her into the innocent little girl again. I mean the model cant just be her self, I mean I enjoy looking at the models who dress like normal people more then looking at these unrealistic women.\
           I don't think that men are portrayed as often as being violent toward women because women have put out a name for themselves as being more self reliant and being strong and protecting themselves. More often or not you get the man trying to protect a women that doesn't need his help but she appreciates the effort. I'm not just saying that all of this is only against women to I know for a fact that all of these issues effect men just as much. Media tries to portray men in a sexiest way as much as they do women. The only thing is most men enjoy the way that men are portrayed, because not all men are strong and handsome athletes but who wouldn't want to be called that? So this happens for both sides but men don't complain about the issues that are brought up. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Referent for Ideas

I remembered when we talked about this idea while I was with my friends, because we were talking about out favorite music concerts or shows we have been to and the different styles of music have a different atmosphere at each of the concerts.
My favorite show might look like this:
But one of my friends likes country so his concert might look more like this:
Another friend likes hip hop so his concert might look like this:

All of us were thinking of our favorite music but we all have a completely different view of how a concert looks like. Its amazing how we perceive basically the same thing so differently.