Thursday, December 1, 2011

iPad 2 in the classroom?

The iPad 2 us the newest of the apple markets ipads, which is a touch screen tool that can use over 10,000 applications. The ipad 2 is being used in a lot of small school districts. A small school in Louisa, Muscatine, Iowa that my cousin works at has just issued every student and teacher an ipad 2. My cousin Mrs. Brant, had never used the ipad before so it took her a while to get used to the software, but she said "once I figured out how to find new apps and use them I could see why they spent so much money getting them for us". She is now a string believer of how much technology helps in the classroom. She is a special Ed teacher and she finds this technology extremely helpful everyday in her classroom. She said "the students caught on faster to the technology then she did and she learns new things everyday along with the students.

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